Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin passed away on October 11, 2008 at the age of 56

This page is dedicated to Andy's bowling achievements, which we were all proud to be a part of


Andy Rubin's 300 Game listing

Andy Rubin's 800 Series listing

Andy Rubin's Historical League Averages

Andy Rubin's final three strikes for 300 on 4/11/2006

Andy Rubin's 3rd game, 10th frame, going for 800 on 12/29/05

Andy's Laugh

Keith dedicates his 300 game to Andy on 10/28/2008


Andy will forever be missed as a friend and a teammate.


If you have anything wish to add to Andy's memorial site, please email me, Keith Kingston at:



Always Tomorrow (In lasting memory of Andy Rubin)

One day a man who lived a full life ascended to Heaven. When his close friend heard the news about his passing he sat quietly. He thought about the many accomplishments and deeds his friend had done. But more so, he thought about all the things he put off doing with his friend, and with his own life.

Later that evening his friend appeared to him in dream. Above his friend angels hovered, and then his friend spoke...

We think there's always tomorrow to sail and to try
But moments become memory as time passes by
We think within tomorrow I will do and will say
But every tomorrow becomes yesterday

So don't put to the side the chance to become
Embrace all life's moments for you may be the one
Whose ideals lift us up to touch stars in the sky
Remember, there is no tomorrow just time passing by

For life's in the moment, shimmering right in your hands
You must grasp and embrace it to understand
That life's but a flicker, take the chance, sing a song
My friend, love more in today, for now I am gone
And there's not always tomorrow to sail to horizons for-longed
Live for today
I am gone
I am gone
Live for today
for tomorrow may not come along

And the angels, hovering above the man, wept.

Author:  Eric Sander Kingston